LOS ANGELES PeppersLos Angeles Peppers

Tribute to Red Hot Chili Peppers

The band born in 2013 boasts a crew formed by musicians recognized by a natural propensity to the stage and the involvement of the public. Physical energy and sound impact make Los Angeles Peppers an emotional band unique in its kind.

After a first major change of line-up in April 2018, the training undertakes many live events in major European events in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, and at the turn of 2018 implements in training a new drummer who immediately wears cloths of Chad Smith with great strength and impact.

The new line-up therefore boasts a completely renewed line up, with important changes and professional choices linked to a complete show, and an always better performance.

On the show (where possible) also synchronized video shots to give a “Red Hot” Emotional show with great impact to the public that always follows our physical performances and great impact all over Europe.

Thanks to you we carry forward this project with passion, and total dedication, and every evening, Antonj, Matteo, Luca and Simone the founder of the band, are waiting for you to relive the most beautiful singles of the band, singing and dancing in name of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“SIMONE SPADA” THE FOUNDER: Technical coordinator, arranger of the band and last remaining founder of the original project born in 2013, will take care of the choruses, the sounds and the guitaristas of 35 years of career of the band with great emotion and technique. Over the years, as a result of the growing needs of having an increasingly performing band on stage and with absolutely professional attitudes, it decides to continue the project by investing everything in what appears to be recognized as the best tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Italy, with a sought-after, wanted, suffered and renowned team, made up of incredible elements in their own genre, capable of generating powerful showhouses with great emotional impact.

“ANTONJ TURRIN”, THE ANTHONY KIEDIS IMPERSONATOR: At 14 he discovers the red hot chili peppers with the album “by the way” that will make him completely change the world of music, deciding to set aside the classic music for rock. After years of different experiences and local formations increasingly important and thematic, in March 2017 will be called by the “Los Angeles Peppers” tribute established in the national and foreign circuit as the top cover band, where he sees committed full time in the guise of impersonator of the band.

“MATTEO RAMUSCELLO” THE DRUM MASTER: Artist  who joined the band in the 2018, characterized by a sound of great impact, music teacher, Endorser of important brands in the sector. Finicky performer, endowed with enormous talent and study of the instrument, brings to the band the new rhythmic imprint that will make you ‘taste the batteries of the great Chad Smith in an incredibly dynamic and powerful. Our time machine!!!

“LUCA DI VACRI” THE FREAK MAN: He falls in love with the electric bass at age 10 and decides that this will remain over the years as his profession. A great talent of the bass, released by the band in April 2018, immediately inside the training, dynamic bassist, fan, and maniac of the Flea’s sound , live will make you savor the exploits of the Australian bassist with clean slabs, and perfect timbres .